BEMA was formed in July 1993 to foster closer links among its members and between the School and its alumni. The sizeable number of graduates of the School offer good networking opportunities and BEMA provides the environment for such networking to take place.

BEMA is managed by an Executive Committee elected from the membership base each year and the Executive Committee organizes the various activities with the help of members serving specific committees and the staff of the School.


To serve as the central body for members concerned with and interested in the advancement of the real estate and construction studies, practice and profession in the Republic of Singapore.

To encourage and organise educational, social, cultural, sporting and civic activities among members.

To provide a recognised means of communication and rapport between the Alumni and their alma mater, the National University of Singapore.

To promote closer links between the Alumni and the School of Building and Estate Management.

Membership Eligibility

Ordinary Members

All persons who have been awarded a degree / diploma by the School of Estate Management, NUS or its predecessor institutions and are above the age of 21 are become automatically Ordinary Members. Please update your particulars regularly.

Associate Members

Persons who are present or past teachers of the School of Estate Management of NUS and distinguished persons of related profession may apply or be invited to become Associate Members.

Membership Fee

No fee is payable, so if you have not been an active member of the alumni, why not join now by sending us your particulars. Enjoy the advantages of expanding your professional network.